Butterfly Pictures 
Butterfly pictures
Butterfly garden

Butterfly photo gallery: Red and white butterfly with black "88" marking on lower wings
The wings of Diaethria neglecta butterflies seem to say "88"

Brown, rust and white butterfly picture
Siproeta epaphus butterfly

Butterflies in nature
Butterflies in rural Ecuador

A butterfly in leafy habitat
Butterfly on leaf

Butterflies on yellow flower
Yellow flowers in particular seem to attract butterflies

butterfly on leaf
 Butterfly on leaf

Butterfly with "false head"
 Butterfly showing its "false head" to confuse predators

Butterflies on flowers
Butterflies on flowers in Mindo

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Butterflies are common
in Ecuador and can be seen
in a butterfly farm or
in wild butterfly habitat.

Butterflies of Ecuador Photo Gallery

The butterflies of Ecuador are a delight to photograph and come in all shapes, sizes and colours.  It is not known how many types of butterflies there are in Ecuador, but it is believed that there are probably more than 3000 butterfly species here.  New ones are being discovered or described all the time as butterfly identification in Ecuador continues.
Butterflies and flowers
Butterflies and flowers in a butterfly garden in Ecuador.
Many butterflies can be spotted in the wild in their natural habitat, but they are often easier to photograph in a butterfly garden or butterfly farm, in Ecuador known as a "mariposario".  There are several good butterfly gardens in Mindo, where for a few dollars you can see all the life stages of butterflies and photograph or paint butterfly pictures to your heart's content.  
Photo of a monarch butterfly on flowers
Monarch butterfly (Danaus plexippus) in Ecuador.
Monarch butterflies, such as the one in the photo above, and various types of Heliconius are common in butterfly farms in this area.
Black and red heliconius butterfly in a butterfly garden
A type of heliconius butterfly, (Heliconius erato sp), taken in a butterfly garden in Mindo, Ecuador.
The Heliconius butterflies are mostly brightly coloured and some mimic the markings of other species.    
Butterfly picture
Another butterfly picture taken in Mindo at a butterfly farm.
Many types of butterfly in Ecuador are almost transparent, such as the photo above, which I think is a Methona confusa, but am not sure - any tips for butterfly identification are welcome.
The butterfly pictures, like all the photographs on this site, are copyrighted and not to be used without permission.  

Ecuador in Photos: Butterfly Pictures
Butterfly images from Ecuador, pictures of butterflies, some taken in a butterfly garden, others in wild butterfly habitat full of butterflies and flowers.