Ecuador Discounts
Discount vacations could be basic - simple hut
A lakeside cabin in Mindo, where you might be lucky enough to get discounts
Art at the Guayasamin Foundation Museum in Quito
The logo of the Vivarium in Quito, where entry discounts are available.
The Botanical Gardens in Quito, which have a special offer for entry
Ecuador flights - rarely discounted
Bus travel in Ecuador is so cheap there is no need for discounts

Ecuador offers good value for money.  Special offers, discounts and money saving tips make your holiday budget go even further.

Special Offers & Discounts in Ecuador

The Ecuador Travel Site works to find and negociate special disounts to help you stretch your holiday budget further and make the most of your time in Ecuador.  Check this page often for new offers, discounts and promotions to reduce the cost of your Ecuador accommodation, travel, dining and excursions. 
Quito discounts and offers: Present your Botanical Gardens ticket at the Viviarium for a $0.50 discount on the entry fee, or get $0.50 off at the Botanical Gardens on presentation of your entry ticket from the Vivarium.  Alternatively, use your ticket from Quito zoo for a $0.50 reduction in the entry fee at the Vivarium.  See tickets or ask at venues for details of discounts and offers. 
The $4 entry fee to Guayasamin's Chapel of Man may be reduced to $2 if you present your ticket from the Guayasamin Foundation Museum (or vice versa, $2 entry to the museum with your $4 ticket to the Chapel).  Ask at the museum or the chapel for more information.
Galapagos discounts have a page of their own, so check there for discounts, last-minute deals and special offers on Galapagos cruises, tours and hotels in the islands.  Holidays in the Galapagos are not cheap but you can sometimes get substantial disounts if you are able to wait until the last minute for savings on your cruise or tour of the islands.
Money-saving travel tips: 
Set lunches, or "almuerzos", are often great value for money from as little as $1.50 and you might be presented with something delicious you would never have thought to order from a menu.  Wander a little out of the tourist areas and watch where the office workers and taxi drivers go for lunch.  You're more likely to find almuerzos Monday to Friday rather than at weekends.
The cheapest yummy treat in Quito is a coconut Yogoso at just $0.15.  It's a tube of delicious frozen coconut yoghurt which you buy from roving Bonice sellers in their branded blue tunics.  They come in cherry, mango or naranjilla flavours too, all full of artificial colourings, sweetenings and flavourings, but never mind, they are guaranteed to make you feel you are on holiday.  The Bonice are even cheaper at just ten centavos, but they're just frozen water with additives really, so splash out on a Yogoso for a budget treat and tell yourself that yoghurt is a health food.  Enjoy!
Travel light! Many products are cheaper in Ecuador than in more developed countries, so buy toiletries locally rather than lugging them from home. 
Save a few dollars when leaving Ecuador by flying out of Guayaquil rather than Quito - the Ecuador departure tax is cheaper there.  It's not a huge saving but if your itinerary was going to take you to Guayaquil at some point anyway, you might as well make the most of the discount. 
Useful Spanish Vocabulary for Ecuador Special Offers & Discounts:
descuento: discount
oferta: offer

Ecuador Travel Discounts & Special Offers
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