Ecuador Flag
The flag of Ecuador - yellow, blue and red horizontal stripes with coat of arms
National flag of Ecuador
Detail of the Ecuador coat of arms and flag design

Useful Spanish Vocabulary:
bandera: flag
Juramento a la Bandera: Oath to the Flag
escudo: coat of arms

Ecuador flags: The red and blue flag of Quito, Ecuador, next to the national flag design
Guayaquil's Rotonda monument with flags flying in Ecuador
Students in community school kiss the flag of Ecuador in oath of allegiance
The flag of Ecuador is part of daily life.  Buy flags outside football matches or on public holidays when flags for sale are easy to find.

Ecuador Flag

The Ecuador flag design is one of the oldest in the world, having been in use since around 1860.  The bright yellow, red and blue bands and the coat of arms in the centre are all symbolically significant.  However, no-one seems to agree exactly on the symbolism of the colours - search under 'Ecuador flag' or "Ecuador flag design" on the web and you will find a variety of explanations and stories about the meaning of the various components of the flag.  
The flag of Ecuador consists of a yellow top half and the bottom half split horizontally into bands of blue and then red at the bottom, with a coat of arms superimposed in the middle.  Common themes amongst the variety of opinions about the symbolism of the colours in the flag design include:  
Yellow: variously said to symbolise gold, abundant harvests, fertility or the Federation of Greater Colombia.  (Ecuador was for a time in its history part of the Federation of Greater Colombia). 
Blue: the blue band on Ecuador's flag is sometimes said to represent the sky and the sea, which is fairly non-contentious.  That it also represents Ecuador's independence from the Spanish Conquistadores is a rather more vague explanation with no clear indication of why blue should symbolise this.  
Red: the red band is claimed to represent the blood spilt in the fight for Ecuador's independence, which seems reasonably logical.  Other opinions have the red band on the Ecuador flag representing courage.
The coat of arms appears in the middle of the Ecuador flag, on top of the yellow and blue bands.  The national coat of arms features the condor (the national bird), Mount Chimborazo (Ecuador's highest peak) and South America's first steamboat chugging along the River Guayas.  
Cities and provinces also have their own flags in Ecuador.  Quito's red and blue flag, often adorned with the words ¡Viva Quito! (Long live Quito!), is flown by households around the city at the time of the Fiestas de Quito.  If you want to buy flags, they are easy to find at this time of year (early December).
The flag of Ecuador is a symbol of national pride and you will see it many times as you travel around the country.  Most government offices have a national flag and patriotic citizens often fly the flag on public holidays, when Ecuador flags flap merrily from schools, office buildings and private homes.  
If you're looking for Ecuador flags for sale and it's not a public holiday, head for a sports stadium on the day of a football match.  Football supporters often drape themselves in the national or city flag when attending matches.  This is your best opportunity to buy cheap flags very easily in Ecuador.  In fact, it's a good thing flags are so easy to find in Ecuador, because the strong highland winds up in the mountains destroy them very quickly, so they often need replacing.
The Day of the National Flag in Ecuador is 26th September.  In the Costa, the day (or the nearest school day) is marked with a formal military ceremony in which students finishing their primary or secondary education, or military school, swear their allegiance to the flag.  The student with the highest marks carries the flag and the students promise to defend the flag and their national territory.  The oath is sealed by kissing the hem of the flag.  In the Sierra and the Oriente, this ceremony, the "Juramento a la Bandera" (Oath to the Flag), takes place on the 27th February, in memory of the Battle of Tarqui.
The Ecuador flag and coat of arms are very much a part of daily life in the country and will be seen often in any visit there.  It's wise for visitors to be suitably respectful, or at least not disrespectful, to the national flag of Ecuador. 
National Flag of Ecuador
Ecuador's flag  - design & symbolism of the national flag and coat of arms.  Quito flag.  When to buy flags.  Where to buy cheap flags in Ecuador.
Day of the National Flag, oath of allegiance, Juramento de la Bandera.