Ecuador Flights
Ecuador flights: A flight arriving into Quito's international airport
Ecuador flights: Aerogal and LAN aeroplanes at airport in Galapagos islands, Ecuador
Ecuador flight coming in to land at the old Quito airport in the city centre - since closed.

Ecuador Airports

Guayaquil José Joaquín de Olmedo Airport
Guayaquil Airport code: GYE

Quito Mariscal Sucre Airport
Quito Airport Code: UIO

Quito airport at Tababela in Ecuador
San Cristobal airport in the Galapagos Islands, Ecuador
Ecuador flights: KLM airliner at the new Quito Airport in Tababela

Flying is the only way to
some Ecuador destinations
such as the Galapagos.  Internal flights in Ecuador
can save hours of bus travel.

Ecuador Flights

Flights to & from Ecuador

Flights to Ecuador are offered by a limited number of airlines who rarely have special offers or discounts, especially for long-haul flights.  Peak times such as Christmas and New Year attract particularly high flight prices.  However, do shop around and be flexible with your flight dates as some travel websites or agents offer slightly better prices.  Be assured, Ecuador is such a rewarding country to visit that your flight price will be worth it.
Europe to Ecuador Flights
Flying from Europe, you usually have the choice of travelling to Ecuador via Amsterdam with KLM or via Madrid with Iberia, possibly using Avianca's flight from Madrid to Bogotá and from there to Quito.  If you are prepared to put up with the hassle, bureaucracy and having all your luggage unloaded and reloaded on the way you can fly via the USA, usually Miami or Houston.  I don't recommend this option, but it is sometimes cheaper so you'll have to decide between your money or your sanity.
Flights USA to Ecuador
Flight routes from the United States to Ecuador are usually via Miami, Houston or possibly Atlanta.  LAN Chile sometimes have a route via New York.  Short haul flights from other South American countries are offered by various local airlines, or there is the option of overland travel by bus from Ecuador's neighbouring countries Peru or Colombia if you have sufficient time.   Ecuador rarely appears on round-the-world flight ticket routes, but you may include it on some of the pricier ones, or buy an extra flight from Santiago in Chile.
International Airports in Ecuador
Ecuador's main international airports are Quito (airport code UIO), the capital city high in the mountains, and Guayaquil (airport code GYE), the main port on the coast.  Galapagos flights to and from Quito almost all stop at Guayaquil on the way.  Consider a flight into Quito and out of Guayaquil, or vice versa, to make the most of your time in Ecuador.  Quito's climate is cooler and there are no mosquitoes, but the altitude may hit you for a few days.  Guayaquil is hot and humid with plentiful mosquitoes but its sea-level location avoids altitude issues (especially relevant for divers).  Guayaquil's Simon Bolivar airport was renovated in 2006.
Flying into or out of Quito on a clear, sunny morning gives one of the best views on earth.  The "avenue of the volcanoes" seen from above is just breathtaking, so do book a window seat.  The weather is not always clear so the view is not guaranteed, and of course if you choose a night flight you will miss it all anyway.  In Guayaquil it is almost always cloudy and the views are not as spectacular.  Bear in mind that arriving late at night is not the safest or most convenient option in either Quito or Guayaquil.  If your flight arrives in Ecuador at night, it is best to pre-arrange an airport transfer to your hotel.
Quito's new airport at Tababela finally opened in February 2013 (just 3 years late) and the access road was eventually finished too.  The old airport is now closed, and the site in the north of the city has been developed into a park, but for now, shuttle bus ($8) and taxi ($25-30) services to the new airport (60 to 180 minute journey, depending on traffic) are leaving from the old domestic air terminal.  There is also a regular public bus service for $2 from the terminal at Rio Coca (the bit where the green buses leave from) - they leave every 20 minutes or so from about 6am to 9pm, and take around an hour.
NOTE: There are now a few genuine Quito airport hotels, built since the new airport opened, BUT either they are near the airport, or in the city, they can't be both.  Treat claims of a Quito airport hotel with some suspicion, and check the distance from hotel to airport very carefully, making sure it relates to the new airport, because you could be looking at some outdated information relating to the old airport in the city.
Ecuador Visas
You will almost certainly not be allowed on a one-way flight to Ecuador without a visa.  Most tourists will need a return flight ticket to convince both the airline and the Ecuador authorities that there will be no issues with immigration.  In addition, note that the tourist visa issued on arrival is valid for no more than 90 days.  Most airlines will not allow you to board your flight if your return date is more than 90 days away and you do not already have an Ecuador visa in your passport.  If you plan to stay for more than 3 months, check in advance with your airline to avoid losing your flight.
Ecuador Departure Tax - International Flights
International departure tax from Guayaquil airport is now $27.15 and from Quito airport $40.80.  This used to have to be paid at the airport, in cash, in US dollars, but for several years now it is included in your flight ticket - check with your travel agent to make sure.

Ecuador Domestic Flights

Domestic flights in Ecuador are relatively inexpensive.  Although you miss the roadside scenery, they avoid hours of bus travel on poor roads.  For example, overland travel from Quito to Guayaquil takes 9-10 hours, Quito to Loja around 16 hours.  If your time in Ecuador is very limited or you are travelling to one of the remote rainforest resorts, domestic flights may be your only realistic option.
Flying does have a heavy environmental cost so you might think about compensating with one of the various carbon offset schemes to reduce your carbon footprint in Ecuador.  The whole issue of carbon credits is contentious with a wide variety of schemes making different claims, but anything you can do to neutralise the effect of carbon emissions is a start.
Galapagos Flights have their own page - find out more about flights to the Galapagos Islands.
Ecuador Departure Tax - Domestic Flights
Departure tax on Ecuador domestic flights is a couple of dollars and usually included in the flight price - check with your flight ticket booking agent to make sure.
Note that security regulations are taken very seriously on all Ecuador flights, both domestic and international.  Do not rely on sealable plastic bags being provided for any liquids, for example, as they usually are not.  Don't panic if you are called to the desk and taken downstairs to watch your bag being searched - they routinely do this to a couple of passengers on most flights, though it must be a bit scary if you don't speak enough Spanish to understand them.  (In my case, it was because the sniffer dogs were very interested in my suitcase.  I explained that I had been staying with a friend with 5 cats, and the mystery was solved!)
Flights to and within Ecuador usually get more expensive nearer to the departure date, rather than cheaper, so buy them in plenty of time if you can, to get the best price.  Since there is then a risk you might not be able to use them, due to unforeseen illness or an emergency situation, remember to buy a travel insurance policy which covers cancellation of your Ecuador flights.
Ecuador Flights
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