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Ecuador maps and guide bookView of forested mountain scenery in Ecuador
Crater of volcano Pululahua in Ecuador
Equator monunment in Ecuador
Bird watching in Mindo, Ecuador
Bus travel in Ecuador
Ecuador maps are vital as roads wind through beautiful scenery, but with few signposts.  A city streetmap is also useful for tourist sightseeing.

Ecuador Map 

Reliable Ecuador maps can be hard to find.  Ecuador is a developing country, new roads are being built, new villages or neighbourhoods are being developed, landslides and floods sometimes destroy roads and so maps may not always be up to date.  If you are going to be driving in Ecuador, ask your car rental agent for a road map and also ask for directions to any specific destinations you have in mind - they may be able to draw you a sketch map with key landmarks.
Ecuador Map:

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Quito map showing location of Calderon and Guayllabamba (Quito Zoo):

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A tourist map of Ecuador or the local area may be on offer at your hotel.  Tourist information offices and travel agents often offer you a Quito city map or map of Guayaquil.  Ecuador guide books are another source of maps, especially if they are a recent edition.   Outdoor shops may have specialist maps for mountaineering and climbing.
To buy maps of Ecuador, the best place is the IGM, Instituto Geográfico Militar, which has maps of most of the country, though the 1:25,000 range is still missing a few areas and some of the maps were produced many years ago now.  Staff are knowledgeable and helpful.  The IGM is the domed building at Seniergues y Paz y Miño, above the Parque El Arbolito in Quito.  A taxi up there from the Casa de la Cultura shouldn't cost more than a dollar.  You will need to leave your passport or ID card with security in order to get in.  Note than some areas are deemed sensitive for military or political reasons, so you may not be able to obtain maps of e.g. border areas or military bases.
From an IGM Ecuador map you can see that this small country has winding roads and mountainous terrain.  Bus travel in Ecuador is time-consuming.  Locations which appear close together on the map may be connected only by an unpaved track or you may have to make a long detour around a steep mountain valley.
Ecuador is a developing country and is changing rapidly, and maps cannot always keep up.  Quito's airport was moved to a completely new location, way outside the city, within the last few years, and new roads were constructed to serve it.  So, to avoid total confusion, be sure to search for up to date Ecuador maps! 

Ecuador Maps
Maps of the country of Ecuador and its capital, Quito.
Quito city map, location of Calderon, location of Quito Zoo at Guayllabamba.