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Galapogos cruise boat in Equador
The old town in Quito, Equador
Cotopaxi Volcano, Equador
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Equador is an exciting
holiday destination for volunteering, adventure sports, eco-tourism and of course a cruise in the Galapagos Islands.

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Equador is a small but fascinating country in South America, between Colombia and Peru.  It´s a popular destination for ecotourism and adventure sports with plenty of amazing wildlife to see.  The people of Equador offer a friendly welcome to their beautiful country with its high mountains and volcanoes, jungles, rainforests and beaches.  The volcano Cotopaxi with its symmetrical cone and snow-topped peak is a strong contender for the most beautiful mountain in the world, not just Equador.
Equador Destinations has some suggestions of where to visit and what to do on vacations in Equador, including the capital Quito and port city of Guayaquil.  Other famous Equador excursions include the birdwatching paradise of Mindo and the textile market in Otovalo where many people still wear traditional highland costumes.  The Devil´s Nose train ride is also very popular.  More unusual trips include the Pululahua Volcano and Geobotanical Reserve and the little town of Calderon.  
Your Equador vacations would not be complete without a Galapagos cruise, so discover  when is the best month to visit the Galapagos with the help of the wildlife behaviour calendar and Galapagos weather information.
Travel in Equador section offers ideas on what to pack, Equador maps, tips on buying Equador flights and the lowdown on travel insurance.  Volunteering in Equador is also featured and there are notes about traditional food and vegan or vegetarian options
Equador in Context has some historical and cultural background information including a list of Public Holidays and notes on the symbolism of the Equador flag.
To inspire you to travel to South America and visit the Sierra, the Andes, the Oriente, the Costa and the famous Galapagos Islands for yourself, check out the Equador photo galleries with their images of beautiful landscapes, tropical flowers, incredible wildlife and native costumes.  Some of the most beautiful sights are the hummingbirds - take a peek at the Hummingbirds of Equador Photo Gallery.
For budget-conscious travellers, there are a few tips and tricks to help your travel funds stretch further with money-saving special offers, cheap deals and great discounts for travel in Equador.  
The locals spell the name of their country as Ecuador, but to many westerners it is so strongly associated with the Equator that it seems logical to spell it Equador.  However you spell it, it's a great little corner of Latin America so take a look around the site to find out more.

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