Equador Flights
Equador flights: Aerogal and LAN planes at San Cristobal airport, in the Galapogas Islands
Equador flights: plane in the Galapagos Islands
Equador flight arriving in the Galapogos Islands
The flag of Equador
Flying hummingbird in Equador
Equador: Volunteer in the Galapogos.

Equador flights - information and tips on finding discount airfares to and in Equador and the Galapagos Islands.

Equador Flights

Equador flights are almost never on special offer, especially not for long-haul flights of over a month.  There are so few airlines which fly to Equador that they seem to have no need to offer discount flights.  The airline websites themselves sometimes offer prices just as good as anything you will get in a discount bucket shop or price comparison site, so check them first when searching for flights.  You have the choice of flying to either Quito or Guayaquil international airports so you can see if one is cheaper than the other.  
Cheap Equador flights are most likely to be available well in advance - leaving your flight booking until the last minute is more likely to leave you stranded or with a very expensive flight, rather than getting a discount.  For the best flight prices to Equador, shop around both on the internet and airline websites and with travel agents.  Be flexible with flight dates and go for fewer than 30 days for the best chance of a good deal on flights.  Try cheap flight search engines such as Travelosity, Expidia, Trip Adviser, etc., and experiment with different dates and days of the week to find the cheapest Equador airfare available on flight price comparison sites.  Also ask a reputable travel agent or tour operator if they can put together an Equador package for you because you might get a discount for booking a package deal including both accommodation and flights.
Equador flight discounts are most likely for groups of ten people or more.  A group of friends or volunteers, or two or three families travelling together, might be able to take advantage of special offers on group flight bookings - ask your travel agent what discounts they can offer.  Volunteer agencies might be able to get a package or flight discount for groups on volunteer projects in Equador.
Airlines flying to Equador from Europe include KLM and Iberia, the latter in conjunction with Avianca.  From or via the United States, you may find flights with LAN Chile, American Airlines and Delta.   Aerogal, an Equadorian airline which also flies to the Galapagos Islands, has flights to neighbouring countries Peru and Colombia, in alliance with Taca airlines.  Regional airlines such as LAN and TAME offer flights to Equador from destinations including Caracas, Panama and Bogotá.
Galapagos Flights
Cheap Galapagos flights are highly unlikely, because the price for foreigners is regulated by the government of Equador, who are not inclined to offer discounts.  Also you can only fly into the islands, it is forbidden to travel by cargo boat so you are stuck with a flight to one of the two Galapagos airports.  So tourists are a captive market with no competition to reduce flight prices.  However, you may get a Galapagos hotel or cruise discount by booking a package including flights to the islands, especially if your flights to and from Equador are part of the package deal as well.  Group tours are another way to find cheaper flight prices, one group member may get a free flight if there are sufficient numbers in the group, or you might all get a group discount. 
Within mainland Equador, there is an extensive and efficient bus service which is a more economic way to travel than domestic flights.  Having said this, domestic flights in Equador can save you a lot of time on the longer routes, and in some cases, especially in the Oriente or rainforest, a flight is the only way in to the more remote areas where the most elusive of Equador's wildlife hides out.
You probably got to this page by searching for Equador flights.  Local people prefer to spell their country Ecuador and you can find more comprehensive Ecuador flight information, airport notes and air route options on this site, as well as reviews of Ecuador destinations including the Galapagos Islands.

Equador Flights
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