Galapagos Hotels
Galapagos hotels across bay from beach with sealions and tourists
Galapagos: book hotel like this basic option with hammock
Book hotel nights in the islands to enjoy pretty Galapagos harbour towns and wildlife.
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Hiking in the Galapagos Islands

Galapagos hotels
suit a range of budgets
from economy to luxury.
Book hotel accommodation in the islands as a base for
land tours and day trips.

Galapagos Islands Hotels

Galapagos hotels offer an alternative to cruises and there is a range of accommodation available in the islands.  You might also like to book hotel nights before or after your cruise to explore the social history of the islands, to spend more time photographing the wildlife or just to lie on the beach.  
Tourists on a tight budget may choose to base themselves in a cheaper Galapagos hotel and take a series of walks and day trips.  Those who suffer from sea sickness but don't want to miss out on the famous wildlife have a choice from basic to luxury hotels on the Galapagos Islands for a comfortable non-cruise option.  
Accommodation in the Galapagos Islands ranges from backpacker hostels to luxury hotels, though hotels here are more expensive than their equivalents on the mainland.  You may be able to negotiate a discount in the off-season but not all will oblige - try asking when you call to book hotel nights, or ask your tour operator if a package including hotel accommodation would be cheaper.
Be aware that on arrival you will need to inform the authorities of your cruise boat or Galapagos hotel, which they may check.  If staying with friends, you will need to give their name and address, and in a small island community, the officials do know everybody.  It is not a good idea to arrive in the islands without having pre-booked accommodation, especially in high season such as the Christmas holidays, when there could literally be no vacant rooms.  If you are determined to "play it by ear", at least book hotel accommodation for your first night and check room availability for the rest of your stay.
Sustainable tourism in the Galapagos is very important in terms of protecting these unique ecosystems.  The two hotels in the Galapagos which gained SmartVoyager sustainable tourism certification are the luxury Finch Bay Hotel and the super luxury Royal Palm Hotel, both on Santa Cruz island.
Whether or not you decide to take a Galapagos cruise in addition to your hotel stay, the weather in the islands will impact on your holiday and you might find that the cooler second half of the year will be more comfortable if you plan on doing much walking.  Galapagos flights have limited availability, so book in plenty of time for your trip to the islands, and check flight availability before you book Galapagos hotels.
The birds and animals you might see vary throughout the year so the Galapagos wildlife behaviour calendar may help you to decide when is best to visit the islands.  Sea lions are common throughout the islands and you will probably see them all year round, perhaps even just outside the window of your Galapagos hotel.

Useful Spanish Vocabulary to book hotel stays in the Galapagos Islands, Ecuador:
Las Islas Galápagos: The Galapagos Islands
descuento: discount
hotel de lujo: luxury hotel
Galapagos Hotels
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