Measuring bear paw on research internship opportunity.
Internship candidate with members of indigenous community
Ecotourism consultant on internship
Internship opportunity with appropriate technology
Wildlife research volunteer with captive Andean condor
Internship in installing technology.

Internship opportunities in Ecuador include intern programs in conservation biology and rural development internships.  Summer interns should apply early as demand is high.

Internship Opportunities in Ecuador

Internship programs in Ecuador may be quite formal, but most simply involve the intern taking part in an ongoing scientific research project, conservation work or sustainable development program, for example, that is relevant to their studies.  Internships in Ecuador are most likely to be relevant to those studying ecotourism, sustainable agriculture, rural development, biology, natural resource management, ecology, sustainable development or similar degrees.  The country does not have a very developed manufacturing sector.
The term intern or internship is often loosely translated so it is always worth looking at general volunteer opportunities in Ecuador too, because these may qualify as internships in the eyes of your university or college.  Also check with the project that they will be willing to provide a letter of reference or fill in any forms or reports that your course requires.  Technically, the difference between volunteering and an internship is that an intern has studied the subject in question before gaining some practical experience.
Internships in developing countries such as Ecuador are rarely if ever paid and most make a charge for participation.  Fees of around $25 to $35 per day (including food and accommodation) are realistic and fair, considering the costs of providing the training, support and supervision needed for an intern to get the most benefit from their internship.  Interns are effectively "buying" the experience that they need for their future career (but still have to do the hard work too...).  Whilst intern jobs here are not paid, they are still a worthwhile investment as a solution to the chicken-and-egg situation most graduates find themselves in with regards to work experience.  
Internship opportunities in Ecuador:
Microfinance / Community Bank Internship on Fair Trade Project to continue the work of developing of developing a small community bank and/or emergency loan program in rural communities in an area of extreme poverty.  The microfinance internship will include training members of the new bank and helping them adapt the proposed plan to their local situation, working with them to resolve implementation issues as they arise.  A great internship opportunity for finance students who have patience and a good rapport with people.  Interns also participate in a monthly sustainable development workshop.
Available: Any time of year.  Cost: approximately $175 per week including food and accommodation.  Commitment: minimum 4 weeks, maximum 12 weeks.  Language requirements: intermediate or advanced Spanish.  To apply:  www.progresoverde.org/internship.html, quote reference ETMicJan13 when applying for your internship.
Engineering Internships - Environmental Engineers, Civil Engineers for various projects in rural agricultural communities.  E.g. to calculate the impact on the water supply of our sugar cane farmers’ organic plantations and distilleries, or evaluate a damaged section of road, design a solution (e.g. bridge, drainage, repair, etc.) and prepare a costing to implement the solution. Engineering interns can also help design appropriate technology and train local people in how to use it.   Interns also participate in a monthly sustainable development workshop.
Available: Any time of year.  Cost: approximately $175 per week including food and accommodation.  Commitment: minimum 4 weeks, maximum 12 weeks.  Language requirements: basic Spanish.  To apply:  www.progresoverde.org/internship.html, quote reference ETEngJan13 when applying for your internship.
Sustainable Development Internship in rural agricultural communities in the tropical western foothills of the Andes.  Interns help out on the various sustainable development projects being implemented at the time in an area of extreme poverty and also run their own mini-project.  Current projects include organic agriculture, fair trade, appropriate processing technology and ecotourism.  Take the chance to learn about past projects by the same organisation, sit in on development planning sessions or community meetings and talk with those who work in sustainable rural development.  A great internship opportunity for international development students or those studying sustainable agriculture, rural development, ecotourism or sustainable development.  Currently, internship opportunities exist in ecotourism development and fair trade production, as well as general sustainable development.  Interns also participate in a monthly sustainable development workshop.
Available: Any time of year.  Cost: approximately $175 per week including food and accommodation.  Commitment: minimum 4 weeks, maximum 12 weeks.  Language requirements: at least basic Spanish is usually required, especially if your intern project includes contact with the local community.  To apply:  www.progresoverde.org/internship.html, quote reference ETDevJan13 when applying for your internship.
Internship programs often book up many months ahead so interns are advised to get organised well in advance to avoid disappointment.  As a summer intern, in particular, it is probably not too early to apply a year in advance.  However, it is always worth a last-minute enquiry if your plans change.  Note that "summer" for European interns is June to September, but summer internships for the Australians are December to February, which can also be a time of high demand.
The best internship for you depends both on your course requirements and your personal interests.  See also current volunteer opportunities in Ecuador, some of which might be suitable for an intern, and read tips about choosing where to volunteer in Ecuador and wildlife conservation and research projects.  
Remember to find suitable travel insurance for interns, bearing in mind that many insurers regard an intern job abroad as work rather than tourism and require a different policy.  
Internship Opportunities in Ecuador
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