Ecuador Photos
Ecuador Photos: a butterfly on a flower
Ecuador travel photography: rural scene, sugar cane farmer with donkeys
Striped green frog, photo taken in Ecuador

Useful Spanish Vocabulary:
foto: photo
fauna silvestre: wildlife

Pictures of Ecuador: Traditional ploughing with oxen on a steep hill
Woman in Otavalo, Ecuador, wearing traditional costume
Country house in mountains in Ecuador

Galapagos giant tortoise, photo taken on San Christobal island
Red masked parakeet, photo taken in Ecuador
Ocelot (spotted cat, smaller but similar to a leopard) in tree at Quito zoo, Ecuador

Butterfly Photo Gallery: Red, white and black butterfly in Ecuador
Fishing boats at dawn on the coast of Ecuador, with seabirds wheeling overhead
The 'Nariz del Diablo' train in the town of Alausi, Ecuador

Pictures of Ecuador:
perfect destination for
travel photography,
whether you prefer wildlife pictures, landscape shots or images of people.

Ecuador in Photos - Photography Galleries

Photos of Ecuador almost can't do it justice - it is one of the most beautiful places on earth.  To inspire you to visit, check out these travel photography galleries of Ecuador's scenery and people, the Galapagos Islands, and the wildlife of Ecuador.  There is a  photo gallery dedicated to butterfly pictures, one to the beautiful hummingbirds of Ecuador and another to pictures of the timid spectacled bears.  The latest photo gallery is of wildlife photography in Ecuador.
Ecuador Photography Galleries: Scenic view across forested hills
Photographers, whether professional or amateur, find Ecuador a rewarding destination for a photography tour.  You're sure to find many attractive images of striking scenery, lush landscapes and rural life and come home with a portfolio of Ecuador photos to treasure.
Ecuador photos: Smiling boy and puppy
Pictures of Ecuador: With its broad ethnic mix and around 20 different indigenous groups and tribes, Ecuador has a wide range of smiling faces to photograph, and most will be thrilled to see the photos.
Travel Photography in Ecuador: Woman in traditional Otavalo costume, white blouse with huge sleeves, dark skirt and dark shawl, gold necklaces
Many of Ecuador's indigenous peoples still wear their traditional costumes as they haggle in vibrant weekly markets, where colourful local produce and photogenic livestock are obvious subjects for travel photography.   Otavalo market is one of the best places to see traditional dress in Ecuador, but ask permission before you take photos.
Male booted racket tail hummingbird, seen on a photography visit to Bellavista, Ecuador
Ecuador has one of the highest levels of biodiversity on earth.  The thousands of birds, animals, flowers and insects, many of them endemic, make Ecuador an ideal destination for wildlife photography - see more in the Wildlife Photography Gallery.  
Wildlife Photography Galleries: Sealion on beach in the Galapagos Islands
The famous and fearless Galapagos wildlife is a delight to photograph - the animals really don't run away and some of the birds will hop right onto your shoes.  Even amateur photographers should be able to get some great Galapagos pictures, and professional wildlife photographers will be in seventh heaven in the islands with enough images to fill a photo gallery.

Ecuador in Photos: Photography Galleries
Pictures of Ecuador; this ideal destination for a photography tour offers opportunities for a whole photo gallery of beautiful Ecuador photos.

Ecuador Hummingbird Photos

Spectacled Bear Photos

Wildlife Photography Gallery