Andean Emerald Hummingbird, Ecuador.
Pictures of Ecuador: Ploughing the traditional way, with oxen, in Ecuador
Bus travel in Ecuador
Galapagos sealion with tourist
A walk on an ecotourism programme in an Ecuador forest
Galapogas giant tortoise

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Ecuador Destinations
  * Alausi & the Devil's Nose Train ride
  * Calderon - famous for bread dough figures
  * Cayambe & the Solar Clock - famous for bizcocho biscuits, interesting for local markets & excursions
  * Cuenca - pretty highland city popular as a retirement centre
  * Equator & the Mitad del Mundo - the middle of the world
  * Galapagos Islands
  ** Galapagos Cruises boats, ships, charters for Galapagos cruise packages
  ** Galapagos Flights fly to the Galapagos, airline options, airport codes and more
  ** When to Visit the Galapagos Islands
  ** What to Take to the Galapagos Islands
  ** Galapagos Weather, Calendar of Temperatures and Sea Conditions
  ** Wildlife Calendar Monthly Wildlife Highlights in the Galapagos
  ** Galapagos Hotels - options for land-based Galapagos tours
  ** Offers and Discounts for Galapagos cruises, hotels and tours in the islands
  ** Last Minute Galapagos cruise deals at short notice
  * Guayaquil - Ecuador's second city
  * Ibarra - quiet provincial capital of Imbabura province
  * Mindo - bird watching paradise and adventure tour destination
  * Otavalo Market - colourful indigenous textiles sold by people in beautiful costumes
  ** Otavalo Excursions - day trips, hikes and outings from Otavalo
  * Oyacachi - hot springs, woodcarvings & the Cayambe Coca Reserve
  * Papallacta Hot Springs - hot pools and thermal springs, Polylepis forest and hillwalking
  * Pululahua Volcano & Geobotanical Reserve - the world's only inhabited, cultivated volcanic crater
  * Quito - Capital city of Ecuador
  ** Quito Museums
  ** Quito New Town
  ** Quito Old Town
  * Quito Zoo
  * Zuleta - traditional embroidery, historic hacienda and condor conservation
Travel in Ecuador
  * Adventure Sports
  * Bird Watching
  * Bus Travel
  * Ecotourism
  * Ecuador Flights
  * Ecuador Maps
  * Ecuador Money currency of Ecuador, sending money to & from Ecuador
  * Food Facts
  **  Fruits of Ecuador
  **  Traditional Dishes
  **  Vegetarian Food
  *  Learn Spanish
  **  Spanish Schools in Ecuador
  * Travel Insurance
  * Visas, Embassies and Consulates
  * What to Take
  Volunteer in Ecuador
  *  Internship Opportunities in Ecuador
  *  Teach Abroad
  *  Volunteer Opportunities in Ecuador
  *  Wildlife Conservation Volunteering
  *  Zoo Volunteer Opportunities at Quito Zoo
Special Offers & Discounts
Ecuador in Context
  * Flag of Ecuador
  * Public Holidays in Ecuador
  ** Christmas & New Year
  * Traditional Costumes of Ecuador
  ** Otavalo Traditional Costume
Travel News Ecuador
Ecuador in Photos - Photography galleries and pictures of Ecuador
  * Butterflies of Ecuador Photo Gallery -butterfly pictures
  * Hummingbirds of Ecuador Photo Gallery - hummingbird pictures
  * Spectacled Bears of Ecuador Photo Gallery - spectacled (Andean) bear pictures
  * Wildlife of Ecuador Photo Gallery - wildlife photography

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