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Spanish school Ecuador style: a student taking Spanish lessons in his accommodation in Quito, Ecuador
Spanish schools: lessons can take place on balconies rather than in a classroom!
Good Spanish school: an excursion to practise speaking Spanish
Lessons at a Spanish school in Quito, Ecuador
Online Spanish course
Online Spanish classes: student with e-reader revising lessons from Spanish school

Spanish School - classes, language courses, one-to-one lessons or Spanish immersion programs.  Spanish teachers and schools all have different styles, so find the right language course for you.

Spanish Schools in Ecuador

Spanish school is probably the best way to start your trip to Ecuador, with a few lessons to brush up rusty intermediate language skills or a total immersion course for complete beginners.  There are over a hundred Spanish language schools in Quito and the capital city is one of the best places in the world to study Spanish.  The local accent is easy to understand and most people in the highlands speak relatively slowly and clearly.  Compared to most developed countries, Ecuador is a very cheap place to attend a Spanish language school - one-to-one Spanish classes here will probably cost less than a group lesson back home.
Spanish schools vary greatly, so look around to find one that suits your learning style and objectives.  Ask about lesson plans and course structure and try a trial class or two before committing yourself.  Be wary of any school wanting up front payment for a long course - you may find the teaching style does not suit your way of learning.  Ask fellow travellers or hotel staff for recommendations, but remember that different Spanish teachers within the same school will not be teaching in the same way, and that other students might have varying learning styles or different objectives, so you need to make your own decision. 
Decide on your Spanish learning objectives before you search for a language school.  Do you want an exam certificate and a good grounding in grammar? Or do you just want to be able to chat with people and ask where the bus station is?  If you will be volunteering in Ecuador, let your teacher know about your project so you can focus on relevant vocabulary in your Spanish classes.
A Spanish language school in Ecuador may not be a physical entity.  Some of the more economical schools avoid the costs of physical infrastructure and meet you for lessons at your hotel or hostel, or in a cafe or shopping mall.  This can be very convenient for students and avoid wasting time in traffic, as well as keeping your Spanish lessons affordable.
Good language schools know that learning happens not only in the classroom and many also organise excursions, dancing lessons, homestays and other ways to have fun while you learn to speak Spanish.   Most students find that 4 or 5 hours a day of Spanish lessons is the maximum possible - by the time you have done your homework as well, you will be exhausted.  Any Spanish course suggesting more than 5 hours a day of classes should be viewed with suspicion.  One to one Spanish tuition is an excellent way to learn but it is often a good idea to include a few group lessons or a short course with a different teacher once in a while, for variety.
Quito is not the only place to find Spanish schools and courses in Ecuador.  Cuenca, another highland city, is also a popular destination for language students wanting Spanish classes.  Coastal destinations have few Spanish teachers and the strong local accents on the coast make learning Spanish much harder for students.  People in Esmeraldas and Guayaquil, for example, tend to speak very fast with a thick accent and run all their words together - a challenge even for experienced students of the Spanish language!
There are not many opportunities to study Spanish formally in the Galapagos Islands and those you do find will almost certainly cost much more than on the mainland.  Your best bet is probably to invest some time in a good Spanish school in Quito before you travel to the islands, then do some self-study while you are there.
Wherever you decide to study Spanish, and however many hours of lessons you take each day at your Spanish language school, you can back up what you are learning by watching TV, talking with local people, reading the Spanish version of information in museums or other tourist attractions and by staying in accommodation where nobody speaks English.  You should be helped to organise reliable homestay accommodation by a good Spanish school.

Spanish Schools in Ecuador
Quito is full of Spanish schools offering formal courses, group classes, one-to-one lessons, Spanish immersion programs and other language learning opportunities.  Spanish teachers and language schools vary in style and quality, students should find one suitable for their learning objectives and style.  Note that no responsibility can be taken for the content of external links or for reliance on any of the suggestions on this site.