Wildlife research volunteer with captive Andean condor
Conservation volunteer in the Galapagos Islands, Ecuador
Young students in Ecuador
Volunteer teacher of business skills in Ecuador.
Volunteer photographer in Ecuador
Community development volunteer, with local people in traditional dress.

Volunteer opportunities in Ecuador include wildlife research and teaching.  More specialised volunteer work is available for photographers, trained teachers and skilled woodworkers.

Volunteer Opportunities in Ecuador

Volunteer opportunities in mainland Ecuador are becoming harder to find as the government continues its efforts to put nonprofits out of existence.  I don't know of any placements currently available that I am in a position to recommend.   This is a great shame, as there is so much potential to make a real difference.
Here are some examples of volunteer opportunities that used to be available:
Internships in sustainable rural development / organic agriculture / fair trade for 4 to 12 weeks in the Costa region of Ecuador, with intern projects available in areas such as fair trade, organic agriculture, ecotourism, community education, nutrition and environmental education.
Volunteer on environmental & social sustainable development projects in the subtropical part of Bolívar Province for 1 to 8 weeks.  Help on organic sugar cane plantations or in the village school, join in with whatever projects this development NGO is running at the time in a beautiful rural agricultural area.  Reforestation  is an important priority, so it's very likely you'll plant at least a few trees.
Zoo volunteering - volunteer and intern opportunities at Quito Zoo are sometimes available.
Dental Hygiene Education Volunteers needed, experienced dentists and other public health practioners also very welcome.
Volunteer teacher trainers with experience, Spanish language skills and the time to design and run a teacher training programme for Ecuadorian teachers.  A perfect volunteer opportunity for the recently retired, perhaps?
Journalists and writers to promote the work of a sustainable development NGO in rural Ecuador.  Volunteer your professional skills to help the charity reach a wider audience for fundraising, volunteer recruitment and project promotion.
Hopefully a change of heart, or government, will allow NGOs to thrive in Ecuador once again, and challenging, worthwhile, sustainable volunteer opportunities will once again become available.
You are unique and it's your responsibility to choose the right volunteer opportunity for you.  If you are volunteering for career reasons, try searching for internships in Ecuador, too.  Read more about choosing where to volunteer in Ecuador, wildlife conservation volunteer projectsteaching overseas and travel insurance for volunteers.  Consider your abilities, interests and resources; research the organisation and project; make it clear in your application what you want to gain from your volunteer work as well as what you have to offer.
Here's hoping that your volunteering in Ecuador will be rewarding and enjoyable for both you and your hosts.  This is is most likely to happen with appropriately-skilled volunteers in suitable, well-supervised volunteer opportunities.

Volunteer Opportunities in Ecuador
Current volunteer work placements, working holidays and volunteering opportunities in mainland Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands, including summer teachers, wildlife research volunteers, photographers and woodworkers.  No responsibility can be taken for the content of external websites.  Evaluate potential volunteer opportunities carefully, based on your unique needs and interests, before making your application.